Cottagecore Aesthetics To Give a Picturesque Look to Your Home

June 22, 2021|Categories: Cottagecore|

Cottagecore encourages a unique lifestyle deeply rooted in the Romantic era. Drawing inspiration from nature, it searches for something forgotten. While hearkening back to nostalgic agricultural life, it celebrates simplicity, purity, and sustainable existence in countryside scenery. Young adults and teenagers who love to celebrate the concept of ‘Ideal rural [...]

Dark Academia Room Décor You Need In Your Life

May 28, 2021|Categories: Dark Academia|

Dark Academia is a visual that revolves around mystery, arts, academics, and literature. This style is heavily inspired by European history, architecture, Greek arts, and dark elements. Dark Academia is a subculture dedicated to and in celebration of knowledge. This style is also inspired by dusty libraries filled with extensive [...]

Best Timeless & Modern Contemporary Pieces of Furniture

April 23, 2021|Categories: Contemporary, Modern|

The modern designs give a glowing experience to people's minds, but the real peace of mind comes with contemporary furniture. Having modern contemporary furniture gives you an everlasting experience of making your home look new even 20 years after buying. Designs come and go but classical ones always manage their [...]

What is Grandmillennial style? Design essentials of the Grandmillennial style

April 15, 2021|Categories: Grandmillennial|

Showcasing love and affection for traditional aesthetics, the Grandmillennial style has emerged as a refreshing interior design trend. Bringing a unique spin to traditional interior spaces, individuals aged between the mid-twenties and late-thirties have made the style their very own. The inspiration remains the cherished memories of grandmother's house that [...]

Why Home Designers Love the Art Deco Style

March 27, 2021|Categories: Art Deco|

Art Deco is a popular design movement that originated in France in the early 1920s. Art deco can be found in many forms of art such as Architecture, fashion, jewelry, home décor, interior design, fabrics, and textiles. This design style takes its inspiration from the advances of modern technology that [...]

A Breakdown of French Provincial Interior Design

March 20, 2021|Categories: French Provincial|

There’s just something about the distressed, traditional, and sort of nostalgic provincial home interior vibe that makes us fall in love with it. French Provincial style started during the 17th century when furniture makers and craftsmen in the South of France created ornamented furniture and home décor pieces. These were [...]

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