Today, when free energy symptoms and independent living lives are all the rage, Bohemian interior design style has quickly developed a name for itself.

These cultural interior design styles were initially associated with nomads, gypsies, and those deemed to care less about modern interior décor ideas. The Bohemian décor style, often referred to as Boho, most commonly employs a balanced mixture of bright colors and minimalist décor.

These décor ideas are refined with natural materials while employing functional layering and elements to develop a diversified aesthetic. In this blog, we will bring you to some detailed Bohemian décor and interior ideas so you can customize your home interior design for your customers.

Characteristics of Bohemian Décor Style

Many people think the Bohemian décor style implies an unprecedented attitude against materialism and capitalism while hugging trees. This cannot be further from the truth. Bohemian cultural tastes employ many materialistic elements and jewel tones that brighten up the home while offering a character.

The Bohemian Style does not mean filling your home with succulents and plants. No, it means that each piece of furniture, design pattern you instill, and every interior design trend that you incorporate reflect directly on your personality. It not about loud décor ideas but more about expressing your personality.

Indeed, Boho styles are refreshing and make the living space personal and cozy.

1. Bohemian Home Decor Patterns

The Bohemian décor trends are not very rigorous about matching patterns and colors for a modern feel. Instead, it heavily relies on matching and mixing décor ideas yet developing a natural flow. Think about integrating Bohemian style into your home; think about what speaks to you the most.

Do you need Scandinavian minimalism or Moroccan vigor in your Boho-style living room? You cannot go off beam with whatever you select, specifically what Bohemian patterns are all about.

2. Bohemian Color Palette

A Bohemian room always has a balanced and natural feel. Usually, The Boho-style trends utilize a wide variety of neutral colors such as gray, green, and brown to create a blank canvas. However, avoid mistakes that for the only shades you can use in Bohemian home décor. These canvases run a combination of bright colors and patterns that add vigor and personality to a Bohemian room.

The style is expressed with rainbow shades mixed in the most lively manner to tie the entire living space together. You can apply any color you like; there is no hard & fast rule. Most designers recommend a bright yellow, all the way to a dull grey, and you still have the most lovely bedroom, dining room, living room, etc.

3. Bohemian Style Materials and Fabrics

When it comes to materials and fabrics, Bohemian décor styles seem to incline toward natural materials. Rattan, Sisal, Ikat are few popular options. These fabrics and materials are unusual and quite diverse in texture to make them so desirable.

Therefore, it is usual for Bohemian décor plans to integrate hand-woven fabrics or DIY fabrics to customers their home interior design.

4. Bohemian Furniture

Sometimes your furniture speaks to you. For example, you might prefer furniture with clean edges or a simple design. Either way, a particular décor style will appeal to you. Go with it.

The Bohemian interior décor is all about finding what makes you feel relaxed. Therefore, if second-hand furniture calls out to you, then get it. You can select to integrate personal DIY touches to customize the furniture.

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Bohemian Interior Design Colour Palette