Cottagecore encourages a unique lifestyle deeply rooted in the Romantic era. Drawing inspiration from nature, it searches for something forgotten. While hearkening back to nostalgic agricultural life, it celebrates simplicity, purity, and sustainable existence in countryside scenery. Young adults and teenagers who love to celebrate the concept of ‘Ideal rural life’ value traditional crafts like pottery, baking, and foraging. It has a great deal of variation in colors and styles that vary from person to person. Cottagecore has roots in late Romanticism and was popular until the end of the 19th century. However, it is important to know that Romanticism, not fairy tales, influenced it as a cultural movement.

In addition to his timeless appeal, it evokes some elements of the medieval era as well. There is a very famous notion that ‘life was better in the past.’ Nearly every age in history has adopted this belief. Therefore, every past era has been celebrated and viewed better by the newcomers. Cottagecore was at the heart of the Romantic era, an ideal that modern man celebrates. As a movement deeply rooted in antiquity, it encompasses various elements in different manifestations.

Cottagecore Aesthetic and other Lifestyle elements

  • Upscale Your Home Into A Supplanted Abode

Cottagecore aesthetic demands to re-establish a wholesome connection to nature again to add more purity and simplicity in living practices. The best part is that brand new pieces of furniture are not needed for this. Prioritize characterful pieces in some local charity shop or in vintage stores which have some story to tell. Cluttering is very helpful to have the ultimate Cottagecore aesthetic experience.

Creativity and simplicity are hallmarks of the look. Therefore, handmade touches have become increasingly popular. Cottagecore arts aims to bring outside in, figuratively and literally. So, pick up crocheting, cotton, and yarn to make some colorful wall hangings. Something is soothing and inspiring about this natural aesthetic. Another way is to introduce florals to your home interior. Go for floral wallpaper or combined muted florals with white paneling to give a traditional finishing touch to your home interior. Other than florals, biotechnical beauties, such as trailing vines, provide a romantic and natural touch. Similarly, some white flowers displayed in vintage vases create the same effect.

  • Aesthetic Floating Shelves And Organizations

It wouldn’t be a complete Cottagecore experience unless you don’t have an organized mess on your shelves. Organize a wide variety of antique pieces, including plates of varying colors and sizes, wooden spoons, and mugs hung on hooks. Floating shelves made up of wood are a perfect addition to your boho, glam, and bedroom decor. With a natural look and convenient usage, these shelves can be used for different purposes in the kitchen for the plates or in the room for books.

  • The Rich Cottagecore Fashion Provides Multiple Experiences

Fashion in this decor style is very diverse. Inspired by the trends of Romanticism and Victorian popular cultural icons, Cottagecore fashion aesthetics includes embroideries with the prints of forest, flowers, farms, gardens, ferries, animals, fields, and even poetry. There are also village patterns on the dresses like stripes, gingham, faded, and paisley. Fashion patterns are not only found in clothes but also on hats, socks, and outerwear. Cottagecore inspires several dress designers in both design and material, 18th-century peasantry fashions are reflected in these dresses. The skirts also have pastoral vibes reminiscent of folklore and fairy tales. The whole fashion is idyllic and simple. Cottagecore fashion has become popular among youth in 2021.

  • Popular And Healthy Cottagecore Food Fantasy

Cottagecore culture puts great emphasis on food, especially baking. Cottagecore baking is a very hot topic on social media nowadays. Almost all products are handmade by young adults who are passionate about living a life filled with compassion, love, and peace. Additionally, it inspires individuals who yearn for their homes to be comfortable, safe, and inviting. The cakesmith, Glutenfree, Skippiting Scones, and The cake fairy are among the most popular Cottagecore baked items.

  • Dream Cottagecore garden to elevate your aesthetic senses

Cottagecore embraces a lot more than food, fashion, and interior. It equally manifests itself in various other realms of life i.e. gardening which is closely associated with human olfactory experiences. As Cottagecore is deeply rooted in Romanticism, it is incomplete without gardens that awoke natural and lush feelings. A Cottagecore garden usually has herbs and flowers and a tree or two in the middle. This tree not only gives a natural look but also provides shade. A tree’s color and height may vary depending on its size, shape, and overall appearance.

  • Rich Cottagecore Takes Many Forms And Mediums

Highlighting your walls in your offices or homes is a very inspiring ambiance for your friends and customers. Cottagecore wall decor can give you that experience. You can decorate your bedrooms, bathrooms, or restrooms with an assortment of wall displays. Several options are available to suit your personality.

Cottagecore is an art and a whole movement that was popular in two artistic rich ages in history. Therefore, it is not just limited to wall decor or wall prints. The media, literature, and even politics today are equally devoted to celebrating it..

Cottagecore is Largely in Trend

More than two centuries have passed but Cottagecore culture is still alive. Rather, it is celebrated more by the modern man. The reason is simple and clear. Teenagers and young adults are experiencing a lot of stress and tension in this 21st century. Art, especially Cottagecore, has the power to soothe young adult’s minds amid the stress that is happening right now. The number of cases of covid-19 increased over the course of 2021, as political instability debates peaked and climate change discussions dominated worldwide. Cottagecore provides a safe space where one can escape from one’s everyday life to find something forgotten.

In addition to inspiring youth, it also has positive effects on marginalized groups. Cottagecore has become digital in the modern era and is celebrated across social media as a digital subculture.

Cottagecore Aesthetics To Give a Picturesque Look to Your Home - Colour Palette

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