Dark Academia Room Décor You Need In Your Life

Dark Academia Room Décor You Need In Your Life

May 28, 2021 Dark Academia

Dark Academia is a visual that revolves around mystery, arts, academics, and literature. This style is heavily inspired by European history, architecture, Greek arts, and dark elements. Dark Academia is a subculture dedicated to and in celebration of knowledge.

This style is also inspired by dusty libraries filled with extensive tomes, inspirational poetry read aloud from a lectern or atop a desk, and dedicate equipment used to make all manner of scientific discoveries. Dark Academia is so beautiful and romantic.

All You Have To Know About Dark Academia Room Décor:

  • Color Palette

As the name recommends, the color scheme for this aesthetic comprises moody and dark colors. So, the goal is to bring in a lot of neutral to dark tones in the room and develop a moody vibe.

  • Bedding

In dark academia, the bedding can be kept bulky with a lot of layers of sheets, blankets, and duvet. This style also prefers a big bouncy mattress. All this to provide the effect of old dorm-style bedding.

  • Old Books

Dark Academia revolves around learning and academics at the end of the day. So, books are a noticeable part of the décor. You can bring in new and old books and stack them all up. You can keep them everywhere around the room to bring in that academic feel.

  • Dark Wood Furniture

It is essential to stick to the moody mystery vibe for furniture. Any light-tone furniture can mess up the complete interior creativity we are going for. So, it is essential to use dark wood, rusty furniture for the décor. You can possibly use some old pieces lying around and add a mirror with a golden frame for that vintage look.

  • Accessories

The mystery is core to this aesthetic style, So, try to fill up the room with some accessories and handpicked trinkets with some story attached to them. Small mysterious pieces of home décor can add to the personality of the room. Always try to add some Greek sculptures as they are very trendy in this culture. You can also add plants, but not all sorts of plants may go with this style.

Fill your room with the comforting sweet scent of old woods and paper. You can bring dark academia vibes right into your own room. For added ambiance, try listening to classical music.

Dark Academia Colour Palette ~ Dark Academia Color Palette

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