Scandinavian Interior Design design has been around since the 1950s and started to dominate the interior design scene of the United States in the late century. The concept of the Scandinavian style is primarily centered around the Nordic environment. As we all know, Scandinavian countries have really long and dark winters, and this kind of environment sort of gave way to a unique interior design style built around creating comfortable, warm, and cozy spaces.

In this blog post, we’re going to tackle everything Scandinavian which includes:

  1. Scandinavian Design Principles and Features
  2. How to Decorate Scandinavian
  3. Is Scandinavian The Right Style for You?
  4. Why You Should Choose Scandinavian Style

Let’s get started!

1. – Scandinavian Design Principles and Features

Scandinavian Interior Design aesthetics combines modern design with organic elements. It emphasizes the philosophy of “less is more” which entails a simple and practical way of designing living spaces. Scandinavian interiors have little to no ornamentation, the backdrop is often kept bare or painted in a neutral color palette. Storage spaces are effectively implemented, items and accessories are organized and furniture pieces are sleek and modern in design. Designers create contrast using wooden accents incorporated through walls, flooring, and ceiling designs. To breathe life and add a pop of color to the space, plants are flowers are placed on coffee tables, dining tables, and consoles.

To make it simple, take note of these characteristics when designing Scandinavian:

  • Neutral Backdrop
  • Accentuate with wood
  • Modern Furniture
  • Clutter-free
  • Less is more
  • Bright and airy

2. – How to Decorate Scandinavian

  • Choose simple décor accessories – Since Scandinavian embodies simplicity, decorate with items and accessories that have simple geometric designs. You can do this by selecting large ceramic vases to decorate a console table accentuated with candleholders, mini decorative sculptures, and books.
  • Carefully select furniture pieces – Scandinavian furniture is clean, simple, modern, and is widely characterized with iconic pieces. Choose furniture that is of a very basic shape, subtle curves, and is made of natural materials.
  • Keep things organized – Another defining feature of a Scandinavian interior are meticulously organized items on shelves, tabletops, and storage spaces. Avoid placing too many items especially on open storage shelves. This will look stuffy and unorganized. Get rid of unnecessary items, and practice the art of decluttering.
  • Minimized window treatments – A Scandinavian home must have an ample amount of natural light coming in through the windows. This can be achieved by keeping the window treatments to a bare minimum. Get rid of blinds and blackout curtains and opt for sheer linen curtains instead.
  • Take cues on stylish lamps – Artificial lighting is just as important as natural lighting in a Scandinavian home. Lighting fixtures help to set the mood and add a ton of personality and interest to your interior composition. Arc lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, pendant light fixtures, and other stylish decorative lighting fixtures completes the overall Nordic vibe of a home.
  • Incorporate items that bring warmth and comfort to the space – To complete the homey vibe, incorporate soft fluffy elements for comforts such as throw pillows, cozy throws, a nice woven area rug, and a snuggly lounge chair.

3. – Is Scandinavian The Right Style for You?

If you are someone who loves to experiment and go bold with your interiors, then Scandinavian style is probably not for you. If your house has a lot of traditional elements and classical architectural features, or if your furniture is made from thick wood, often huge, with elaborate details, you might find it hard to pull of the Scandinavian look. You can, however, opt for something mid-century modern, or Hollywood glam where you can mix and match a variety of interior design styles.

If you prefer a simple and practical design that doesn’t look too edgy and modern, Scandinavian would be perfect. It offers a stylish, design-wise interior space, and just the right amount of warmth and comfort that works for both small limited spaces and large houses.

4. Why You Should Choose Scandinavian Style?

Cost-effective – Highly characterized by simplicity and practicality, Scandinavian décor and furniture pieces are more affordable than traditional furniture. Extravagant accessories are not necessary so it means you can save a lot of expenses and maximize the space of your home for more practical uses.

Easy to maintain – A simple look is easy to maintain. Since Scandinavian interiors are meant to look clean and sleek from the start, it would be easier to clean off surfaces and keep your house clutter-free and dust-free all the time.

Relaxing and calming – Inspired directly from the tranquil and serene environment of the Nordic region, Scandinavian designed home evokes a very calming, relaxing, and refreshing vibe that will surely reduce your stress and anxiety and improve your well-being.

Now that you know everything about the Scandinavian style, it’s time to transform your home into your dream living space you can’t help but fall in love with

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