Trends in lighting do not change as quickly as clothing fashion. In fashion design, a new collection is presented for each season. On the other hand, in lighting design, this is less frequent, but it is still a dynamic process. In 2021, however, it seems that lighting is also changing, bringing a wave of new trends that respond to the new needs of the people. In fact, since last year, our homes have become even more the object of our attention and protagonists of almost all our time. This is due to force majeure such as the pandemic. For this reason, designers from all over the world take the opportunity to make small adjustments and introduce new features also in the field of lighting. The new lighting trends 2021 show a predilection for simple and functional, minimalist and sustainable lamps. All lighting brands are developing new technologies, mainly LED, to launch increasingly high-performance and sustainable products on the market.

What is no longer in trend?

At the same time as the introduction of new fashions, others pass into the category of considered “out of fashion and to be eliminated”. This category includes:

  • Cold-toned lights.
  • Incandescent and Neon bulbs
  • Multicolored LED strips

Let us find out the main trends in the world of lighting for this new year.

Smart lighting

The trend of 2021, which will not only be for this year but, as suggested by architects and designers, will also be so for the years to come, is to build or renovate homes connected and smart, obtaining more and more efficient lighting. This is possible above all, thanks to the use of smart LED bulbs that are becoming increasingly popular. The light can be easily managed via the app, completely remotely, by setting light scenarios, controlling the level and intensity of the light. In the last period, intelligent lighting has experienced significant growth in the market. It is estimated that this growth will continue for a long time even with the increasing construction of smart buildings

Hidden sources of light

Among the lighting trends for 2021, which take advantage of these new technologies are the so-called hidden lights. Today with LEDs you can get many effects and thanks to the fact that accessories such as transformers have become smaller. For example, there is the possibility of inserting LED strips directly into the walls or ceilings, but also in the under-wall units. As result, we see the light flowing sideways or from above, but we don’t see its source.

Styles that come back

For some years now, we have seen that the whole world is more and more oriented towards the future, towards what is modern, increasingly minimal: this is generally also the case concerning the choice of lamps, but with some exceptions. In 2021 that has just begun, we are witnessing the return of styles very popular in recent years such as retro style, but also Scandinavian style and the return of the characteristics and materials of Art Decò.

Retro style

This look continues to influence the choices of interior designers and manufacturers of major lighting brands but also furniture. Besides, the architects have named the “Edison” bulb one of the main lighting trends of 2021. The reason is to be found in the design of this product that takes you back in time to a period perhaps brighter and happier than the difficulties that we are experiencing in the present day. The rounded Edison-style incandescent bulbs make you live an authentic experience as if you have just been catapulted back in time. They are still available on the market, but always in fewer numbers than those made with modern LED technology, which is a cheaper and low ecological impact variant. Warm light has seen an increase in preference for lighting choices in 2021. The shades of warm light are varied, with LEDs increasingly finding the same products with different shades of light. These choices help create different lighting scenarios, from mood lighting with 2200K bulbs to functional lighting with 3000K colour temperature.

Industrial and vintage

When we talk about retro style, we can also refer to a vintage or industrial style. The latter has been very trendy in the past year. It remains in vogue but in a new, more elegant and refined guise. The industrialist has always preferred simple finishes with neutral colours and significant use of metal. In modern

industrial lighting, there are some differences in the choice of metals, which are now more polished than the traditional interpretation of the style.

Art Decò

Art Decò, a style that originated in 1920, has been one of the favourite styles of architects and interior designers for years. However, compared to furnishings and buildings, deco lighting did not have the same impact. However, in recent times, the manufacturers of designer luminaires have begun to take more and more inspiration from this style from the beginning of the last century. Indeed, geometric shapes, precious finishes and soft colours are increasingly in demand.


The Pantone colours chosen for 2021 are light grey ultimate grey 17-5104 and full-bodied yellow Illuminating 17-0647. But even in this new year, the Pantone colour of 2020, that is blue, remains one of the most used colours. It is often used to combine blue with metallic colours such as brass and opaque gold. Soft, soft, satin gold has the advantage of a soft matte finish that brings out the warmth and softness of gold. Black remains the protagonist but the version changes. From glossy black, matte black is among the new lighting trends of 2021 trends.


Among the materials, light and natural wood tones and sustainable varnishes are widely used, especially in the Scandinavian style. Marble returns in different versions. Cement and metals such as brass are reconfirmed. And to make the most of the light, much space is given to the use of glass, with many lamps with exposed bulbs.

In conclusion

In 2021 we can see the decline, or rather the ever less use of cold-toned lights from 4000K to 6000K. Along with these, the use of incandescent light bulbs will also be increasingly reduced, to the detriment of energy-saving solutions. The smart home will evolve more and more with new technologies coming to market faster and faster. This will also and above all involve lighting. Creating light scenes allows you to control multiple lights and their intensity via mobile applications.

From a stylistic point of view, on the other hand, the industrial will marry Art Decò and the vintage design of the last century returns with modern reinterpretations.