Six Defining Characteristics of the Hamptons Style Home Interior Look

Six Defining Characteristics of the Hamptons Style Home Interior Look

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The Hamptons Interior Decorating Style shares similarities with the coastal style. This is because both originated in locations near the coasts. The Hamptons style originally came from a cluster of villages located on the East Coast of the United States. The area was a popular summer and vacation destination for rich people and because of this, numerous pristine beaches sprouted in the region. This is where the Hamptons interior decorating style started to gain a lot of attention and became popular among interior decorators who love the beachy vibe.

The Hamptons style is not only popular on the US coast. It also spread across countries that are known for their beautiful beaches. Australian homes were one of the best replicators of this style. It seems to be the perfect interior style for houses situated near the beautiful Australian coasts, from the tip of Queensland to Perth and the island of Tasmania.

You don’t need to live near the coasts to pull off the Hamptons interior style. Just be mindful of these defining features of a Hampton-inspired home interior look.

Large Bay Windows

The key most defining feature of a Hampton-styled home is that it brings the outdoor in. Since the look takes its origin from houses located in coastal areas, the view is highly regarded in the design scheme. Large, floor-to-ceiling height windows are incorporated to allow an ample amount of light throughout the house and also to serve as a viewing outlet where people can see the beautiful view of the beach from the comforts of the living room. Even if your place doesn’t have a direct view of the beach, having large picture windows will definitely add a ton of beach vibe to your space.

Huge Comfy Outdoor Furniture

Create a space that is more open and allows ease of transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces. Having an outdoor lounge or even a small dedicated patio seating will make your home look and feel like a seaside vacation house. Huge and comfy wicker furniture usually made of natural materials like willow, rattan, jute, and reed is considered ideal to pull off the Hampton look.

Organic Materials

The Hampton style takes its cues on the use of organic materials. Aside from the furniture, the flooring and ceiling of a Hampton-inspired home are usually made of wood such as timber. Stone fireplaces, organic fabrics, and linens are also commonly seen. When opting for this style, the most important thing to keep in mind is to stay grounded in nature. Look for inspirations in nature and incorporate organic, simple, yet elegant materials over extravagant ornamented ones.

Lots of White

The primary backdrop of a Hampton styled home is the color white. There are lots of white often accentuated with a soft mix of pastels and lighter hues of blues, yellows, turquoise, grays, and pinks. This modest and gentle play of colors creates a calm, easy-going ambiance that defines the coastal interior vibe. The paneled walls, wainscoting, and ceilings are usually painted white and color accentuation is done through the flooring, use of rugs, furniture, and other décor elements in the house.

Patterned Fabrics

What brings life to the simplistic and neutral color palette are the patterned fabrics often used in upholstered furniture, rugs, curtains, and throw pillows. These patterns are usually stripes, plaid, or other patterns with colorful elements.

Elegant Lighting Fixtures

The lighting fixtures are like the cherry on top of every interior design. The choice of lighting fixtures can make or break your design scheme. When it comes to the Hampton style, the most commonly used lighting fixtures are those that resemble simplicity but at the same time evokes a sophisticated and elegant feel to the room. Pendant lighting made up of a mixture of glass, brass or iron, creates a rustic chic appeal that blends perfectly with the muted backdrop. These lighting fixtures are often placed on kitchen counters which adds a ton of warmth and coziness to the room.

Hamptons Style: Six Defining Characteristics of this Home Interior Look ~ Colour Palette

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