Before we get to the real thing, I want to clear out two things that most people think about the Coastal Interior Design style. First, Coastal is different from Nautical, Tropical, and Mediterranean design, and second, you don’t have to live right next to the beach to consider decorating your home in coastal style.

What exactly is coastal interior design?

While the term is maybe synonymous with everything that has to do with the sea – anchors, shades of blue, waves, seashells, and fishes, that does not directly mean coastal. There are different kinds of shore-based interior design styles and each share a variety of similarities and differences. What makes the coastal style unique is that it evokes a sort of beachy vibe without the foliage backdrop likely seen in tropical-themed houses and exuberant detailing and seashell décor in nautical interior style. Coastal is light and breezy, characterized by simple organic accessories, and neutral color palettes. When designing with the coastal style, think of a cozy beach cottage with clean and crisp design features, natural materials, and distressed grain-baring finishes.

Here are the defining features of a coastal themed home:

1) White

Coastal style is basically everything except bold design. With the variety of colors that you can choose as a theme for your coastal home, it’s easy to get lost in the process. The key here is to start with a clean white backdrop and then work your way around it. White walls will make the room look brighter and airier. White is restful and soothing and is great in bringing out contrasting textures and design accents.

2) Organic Elements

Other key features of the coastal-designed interior are organic design elements. Natural wood floors, and distressed wood or old shabby furniture pieces, for example, add personality to the space. Stick to organic décors such as wooden sculptures, wicker baskets, and jute rugs.

3) Wicker Furniture

Since everything is light in coastal design, furniture pieces should be light as well. Opt for furniture pieces that are made of natural materials such as wicker and rattan. This kind of materials add texture and induces a weathered look which can definitely pull off the coastal vibe. The color and texture of these natural materials are versatile and can be paired with any coastal, beach-inspired colors and patterns.

4) Bright and Airy

It’s all about bringing the outdoor in. Think of an open planned layout, huge floor-to-ceiling windows, billowing sheer linen curtains, and natural light brightening up the space. To achieve this look, change your furniture layout into a more open and straightforward plan. This will create a continuous and seamless connection between different areas of the house. It will maximize your space and allow air to pass through keeping the house cool and breezy.

5) Textured Finishes

A creative and stylish way to add contrast without bold colors is to incorporate textured finishes. It’s not coastal without the raw wooden planks and driftwood wall paneling. Textured backdrop complements the muted color palette and highlights the beachy vibe often characterized by weathered sandy finishes and coarse surfaces.

6) Coastal Paint Color

Paint has the power to transform any interior into a particular design style. Whether you lived close to the sea or in a highly urbanized city, nothing is stopping you from achieving the ultimate coastal interior vibe as long as you choose the appropriate color scheme. Like I mentioned before, starting with white is a great choice. But that doesn’t mean you can’t accentuate. Add subtle shades of cool undertone colors. You can start with blues, turquoise, magnolia green, and coral pink.

Coastal Interior Design is the kind of style that is both pleasing to the eye and sense of mind. It brings off a distinctive kind of comfort and calming ambiance that no other interior design style could seem to match. Of course, each interior design style has its strengths and a fair share of unique features. What makes coastal different is that – it stimulates the space, taking your interiors into a whole new level that does not only feel like home but also makes your everyday feel like you’re on a getaway somewhere near the coasts.

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