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Grandmillennial: Design essentials of the Grandmillennial style

Showcasing love and affection for traditional aesthetics, the Grandmillennial style has emerged as a refreshing interior design trend. Bringing a unique spin to traditional interior spaces, individuals aged between the mid-twenties and late-thirties have made the style their very own. The inspiration remains the cherished memories of grandmother’s house that can bring warmth and some fun design elements to uplift our home. So following are a few essential features of the style that allow you to invite the charm and nostalgia of Grandmillennial style into your own home.

  • Interior spaces filled with personality:

Being a more expressive and exciting way to design our home, Grandmillennial style is certainly full of personality. The design trend takes a shift from generic and monotonous modern homes. These minimal spaces with mass procured furniture, definitely lack personality. So the Grandmillennial style has emerged as an attempt of our younger generation to express themselves through their interior space.

The Grandmillennial style is about who you are and what you love? The places you have traveled and things that you collected. Ultimately, the design trend is about showcasing your life’s story within your home. From family heirlooms and favorite collectibles to your beloved souvenirs, the design trend gives you the perfect opportunity to display all your collectibles. So feel free to add meaningful and unexpected items to your Grandmillennial inspired home. This way you can cherish memories and spark meaningful conversations to build an emotional connection with your interior space.

  • Spaces showcasing love for Maximalism:

Bidding farewell to modern, minimal space, the Grandmillennial style shows an inherent love for Maximalism. Ruffles, fringes, drapery, and wall covering, define the maximalist aesthetics of this style. Combined with bright colors and patterns, the Grandmillennial style can deliver one-of-a-kind interior spaces. So the maximalist design trend is basically about reaching harmony within several rich and bold design elements.

The Grandmillennial style gives you the perfect opportunity to layer up your home with different fabrics. Featuring wall coverings, throw pillows, and an extremely comfy area rug, the design allows for a warm and inviting interior space. Many experts suggest that the warmth of maximalist interior space is what really draws people towards the style. It is the welcoming and comforting aura of the style that provides Grandmillennials with a much-needed respite.

Grandmillennial: Design essentials of the Grandmillennial style

  • A beautiful mix of old and new design elements:

Grandmillennial design trend is a traditional style with a modern twist. This implies that you take something old and inspirational, and then slightly tweak it to fit the modern world we live in today. So the refreshing Grandmillennial style tends to take the best from both traditional and modern design where the interesting mix of different periods can vouch for a timeless and unique home.

To enrich your home with Grandmillennial style, one of the easiest way to start is by proudly displaying you age-old collectibles. From family heirlooms and a collection of decorative China to old chests or boxes, your vintage collection can instantly bring traditional charm to the space. Try to use something unexpected and arrange your collection in a more contemporary way by grouping a few pieces together. This way you can definitely make the space feel collected, layered, and modern, all at the time to reflect the true essence of the Grandmillennial design trend.

  • Passion for vibrant colors and patterns:

The use of rich and vibrant patterns remains the most eye-catching design element of the Grandmillennial style. From chintz to needle-pointed pillows and decorative china, it is not about embracing a single pattern, but layers of different colors and pattern vouch for a dynamic and visually engaging display, well-suited to the style.

However, you do require an artistic eye for arranging all these different motifs and designs. The trick is to use patterns that share a common design element, a similar color or motif that can vouch for a cohesive space. You can also balance a rich, bright floral design with a slightly modern and simple pattern, to achieve the right balance. One thing for sure is that when these patterns are mixed to perfection, space can give delivers an incomparable sense of sophistication and elegance to your home. So embrace a distinctive array of patterns in your home to express your unique personality.

Showcasing love and affection for traditional aesthetics, the Grandmillennial style has emerged as a refreshing interior design trend.


Grandmillennial style is not about a single design element, but layers of different colors, patterns, and textures that truly give a collected feel to your space. It enables us to express our unique personalities to deliver one-of-a-kind interior spaces that can stand out from the monotonous modern spaces. It is a fresh and more modern way to pay tribute to your past. So that you can cherish old memories, reveal your life’s story and add more depth to your home for a wholesome living experience.

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