Art Deco Interior Design is a popular design movement that originated in France in the early 1920s. Art deco can be found in many forms of art such as Architecture, fashion, jewelry, home décor, interior design, fabrics, and textiles. This design style takes its inspiration from the advances of modern technology that is why it is characterized by streamlined geometric shapes, and home accessories that are made through the use of technology such as silver, gold, ivory, brass, iron, and lacquer. Art deco interior design style is the contemporary version of traditional class and opulence. If you want to create an interior that embodies luxury without the heavy details and ornamentations of the traditional Regency style, Art deco is what you are looking for.

Aside from its sophisticated and elegant timeless look, we’ve unearthed the top reasons why home designers love this particular interior style.

Seamless and Practical

The art deco is straightforward and most likely fits with the modern scene. A lot of people nowadays are choosing to live in metropolitan areas where there’s a vast of opportunities and their workplaces are basically just a block away from their homes. This fast-paced environment makes the people want to adapt and incorporate a design style that is practical and streamline while maintaining that stylish, aesthetic appeal. Art deco is easy. It’s the kind of design style that you can easily pull off even if you live in a small apartment or condominium unit.

It Focuses on Function

Unlike other design styles which focus on the details and ornamentations, Art deco is more inclined on function. It imbibes the form follows function philosophy in design. Art deco has a sleek layout. It incorporates only the necessary items and guides the eye through the use of art elements in the interior scheme.

It is an Interior Design Statement

An Art deco-styled interior is almost always meant to make a statement. It is characterized by bold interior design features that can wow anyone. This is done through the use of color-blocked walls, incorporating significant home décor, accessories, paintings, iconic furniture, and patterns. Art deco is treated more like an artful masterpiece that is why it is often deemed unique and eccentric.

Impressive and Expressive

If you are someone who’s into art and other forms of creative art, then art deco might be the right interior design style for you. What’s great about art deco is that you can choose to express your artistic self through the use of colors in walls, furniture, curtains, wallpapers, and paintings. You can personalize your interior space with a collection of the things that you love. Taking into account the elements of design such as harmony and visual balance will help you craft a coherent art deco interior composition.

Fresh and Modern

What makes Art deco timeless is its beautiful and elegant aesthetic. No art deco composition is the same. There will always be something that makes it unique and different because of its artistic and creative nature. Art deco is always evolving and will always be fresh in the eyes of people. Today, art deco is often mixed with modern and contemporary design. It adds a ton of interest to a space and makes the modern home look less boring.

It is a Flexible Design Style

One of the key signifiers of the art deco style is the use of iconic furniture. These can range from pieces with simple geometrical shapes or sleek Bauhaus furniture. Incorporating these items, makes the art deco style a flexible design. It doesn’t have any strict rules. You can steal designs, furniture, patterns, and home décor from other design eras, and combine them. Adding shiny materials such as brass, iron, silver or lacquer creates that elegant luxurious vibe which you can also make use of if you decide to switch into a more classical and traditional interior style or transition into a modern minimalist look.

If you love art, and you want to showcase them in your home, then opting for the art deco look will give you leverage. If you have one art deco furniture piece that you personally like, then you can combine it with the rest of your home décor and furniture pieces as well. Art deco really is all about mixing things to form a coherent, and creative new look.

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